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Jul/01/2008: New version of converter apps (Win0.6/Mac0.3)   Mar/09/2008: Youtube Podcaster 2.0   Mar/05/2008: Download YouTube videos as H.264(MP4)  

Online FLV Converter : Download online videos direct to PC / iPod / PSP. It's free!


E.g.(YouTube): http://youtube.com/watch?v=J7JmsMMIR4Y
E.g.(FLV file): http://vixy.net/flv/vixy_net_podcaster_demo_director.flv

Converts to: 

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About this service:

This service allows you convert a Flash Video / FLV file (YouTube's videos,etc) to MPEG4 (AVI/MOV/MP4/MP3/3GP) file online. It is using a compressed domain transcoder technology (outline in Japanese). It converts FLV to MPEG4 faster and less lossy than a typical transcoder.

When you submit a URL, it will download and convert to the video format, and then you can download the converted file.

FLV to MPEG4 Conveter engine is now OpenSource. You can download the source code via subversion: http://sourceforge.net/svn/?group_id=183657

For Windows users: Please install DivX to play DivX AVI. Download DivX Now!

Vixy.net Converter Desktop Version (BETA):

For your desktop version is available now. It looks like this site and the usage is almost same as this site. It's free but with Ads. It's still in BETA release so it will expire at Mar/31/2009.

  • Download Installer for Windows (Xp, Vista)
    Version 0.7 Oct/06/2008
    (If you use Xp, please install .NET Framework 2.0.)
  • Download App for MacOSX (10.4, 10.5) Intel / PPC
    Version 0.4 Oct/06/2008
    To install the app, please open dmg file and copy the app to your "Application" folder. The converted file will be in your "Movie" folder. (You can change the output folder from "Preference" Menu.)

Make a Donation:

Your donations are very appreciated and will help to keep vixy.net up and running!


Q1. I've got an error (Header error, or 'Cannot resolve address Youtube down?'), Why?

A1. The errors may comes from our server issue. Our servers and networks are still in heavy load, so the conversion often failed. Please wait for a while and try it again. If you would like, you can download and install the app version (see above). It may convert videos faster than on this site.

Q2. On 'Vixy converter BETA for PC', the start button remains dead, so I can't convert any videos.

A2. The application needs to connect Internet to show Ads. If you use personal firewall (e.g. Norton Internet Security), please allow the app to connect Internet.

Articles about this service:

In English / Japanese / Chinese

Please let me know your article url to vixy [at] vixy.net


Contact us at: vixy [at] vixy.net

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